Step 1:

Should I Purchase Now?

In the beginning, it is good to start out determining if homeownership is the right direction for you now or perhaps something that will require time and preparation to be ready for. You can explore Renting versus Buying using our calculator tools. Exploring your tax advantages and weighing out the benefits of owning is also a good place to start.

Part of this step is organizing your income, monthly obligation information and cash or gift available fund total. This way you can be sure that you and our mortgage professionals are making an analysis on accurate information.

Step 2:

Contact Us to Get Pre-Qualified

Before you start shopping for a house, call A+ Home Loans or submit an online request. Our experienced mortgage professionals can provide you with valuable advice about the home-buying and mortgage processes and can help you get pre-qualified for a loan.

You want advice that you can count on. We have extensive experience in working with both first-time and experienced homebuyers. In addition, we can help you find the right loan for your needs, explain mortgage rates and discount points, and help you to consider all of your financing options.

We will proceed to get you pre-qualified by looking at the information that you have organized and by considering your credit history. Prequalification lets you know how much money you may be eligible to borrow. Click here for more information on Why Get Pre-Qualified?.

Get started now by contacting us and speaking with an experienced mortgage professional.

Step 3:

Shop For & Find Your Home

Once you have outlined the type, size, characteristics, and of course purchase price range of home you are looking for, you will need to decide if you will be looking on your own or seeking the services of a qualified real estate buyer’s agent.

Many homebuyers do choose to work with a local buyer’s real estate agent to help them find a home. Finding a home, negotiating the contract and closing the deal is such an important process. An experienced agent that knows your area can provide guidance to help you avoid potential pitfalls. A qualified agent should have a vast knowledge of the real estate market, price trends and neighborhood conditions.

The agent will help you shop for your home, tour properties and be your negotiator to obtain a successful purchase agreement. We will work hand-in-hand with your agent to provide proof of your pre-qualification to the satisfaction of the seller.

Once you have a purchase contract and escrow opened, we will get your loan processed.

Step 4:

Loan Approval Process

While your agent works to take care of any other sales contract items during escrow (i.e. property inspections, termite inspection, etc), we will be preparing your file for loan approval. Once you have decided on the right program with our assistance, you will have program pre-disclosures to review and we will gather the items from you that will be needed for underwriting review. We also coordinate with escrow, title and the agents involved to get all items necessary for approval. An appraisal of the home is completed to determine current market value.

Next, a conditional approval will list any items that are needed prior to final approval and loan documents being issued by underwriting. We work with all parties to get these last items completed.

Upon final approval, your loan documents are forwarded to escrow to sign along with all other escrow items.

Step 5:


Once any monies due from you have been deposited into escrow, the seller has completed all of their required documents, and loan documents are signed and your loan is cleared for funding, your mortgage funds are disbursed. Escrow/Title then records the transaction and “closes” the transaction.

At this point in time, you will officially own your new home! We will be there for you every step of the way and beyond…

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