A+ Home Loans was founded to provide its clients with the best service and mortgage products available in what is a vast, ever-changing residential marketplace. The company was founded in 1999 on a firm base of integrity, honesty and ethical treatment of all parties in each transaction. These high standards of conduct have been maintained ever since.

The company’s founder, Karen Hill, graduated with highest honors from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration and Finance. She has more than 25 years of real estate finance experience. Prior to starting the company, she observed first-hand, while working for large mortgage operations, their motivations and management styles.

In her opinion, many of the companies in the mortgage finance industry were driven primarily by a large profit objective. Whether or not that achieved the right result for the client was a minor consideration for many of these companies. She felt that while a company must, of course, operate profitably to exist, it shouldn’t exist solely for its own monetary benefit without regard to the people it serves. Putting the client first while achieving profitability has been a business model for many successful companies, but that was hard to find in this industry.

This is why, from the start, our A+ Home Loans team has made it a mission to stand apart from other companies by providing the best customer service and expertise possible. Everyone at A+ Home Loans knows that if a client is pleased both during and after the loan closes, then the company will have a client for life who will feel confident in referring our services to others.

Last Updated: May 24, 2022

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